TIVIT is an integrated IT Services o, leader in this sector in Latin America. Recognized for his deep knowledge of complex processes and critical operations, TIVIT drew a solid history of success, backed by competitive advantages such as pioneering, operational excellence and consultative approach.

With over 25,000 employees in 17 sites located in key regions of Brazil and counting with an extensive infrastructure - which provides scalability, reliability and information security, TIVIT manages strategic and vital operations for business of more than 1,200 customers which include 300 of the 500 largest companies in the country.

In the financial sector, two billion transactions were made by Automated Direct Debit (DDA) and more than 15 billion transactions per year of credit cards and debit cards in 2012. Every day, more than 1,500 new establishments are accredited for a big company in the credit cards market.

TIVIT provides development services and software support to 35 countries, with customers such as large banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, industries, public services concessionaires and retail, and other companies in different segments.

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